Another night of extremes..when I finally went to bed out of sheer tiredness at 1.30am it was still 31c inside and 31c outside..Doc threw up as I think the heats getting to him…we are keeping all the animals cool as we can and well hydrated but the unrelenting nature of this heat is taking it’s toll…he is 11 and as we age we find it harder to recoup. He was sick a little bit again this morning but has had his brekkie and we are keeping a close eye on him for any other signs that somethings wrong. Todays forecast is a doozie…pretty much no place in our state is safe if a fire starts to run.

And that’s us right in the middle in North Central. So I won’t have time to reply to comments folks ..sorry and I am sure you all understand..we need to see this weather out and while it’s early I am just popping this up so you know we are fine but not out of the weather gods woods yet.

And to make it even better the news said this morning Adelaide which is in South Australia to the direct left of this map is having a days break then a week of more bad weather…not good because we get their weather a day or so later.. Looks like no real break in sight for awhile…

Off to wet some tea towels and pop them on as bandanas for the pups..both asleep and both tired….

Hope those of you who have snow keep warm..the cold can be so cruel..hope those with miserable rain get a little ray of sunshine…hope those who have storms batten down the hatches and keep safe…we all have weather systems plating havoc with our lives at the moment and even though I am focused on here I still feel for everyone who has to deal in a different way with what Mother Nature is throwing at them.

Hugs Fozziemum