These past few weeks I have been totally distracted.. with the heatwave that descended upon us in all it’s fury I was already a melting mess…you simply cannot function when you are so hot .

The house is normally not to bad over summer but day after day with temps around 43-45 c well eventually that heat just doesn’t leave. It would be nice to wear a thin dress and bare feet but too many things make that impractical. The need to be able to get up and go if a fire is nearby, snakes, well you get the picture.

The worst of it is my poor has been watered incredibly well but this heat…in a 20 minute period my beautiful white roses turned to Pot pourri..literally crumbling in my hands..Salvias, snapdragons, daisies, artichokes, figs, zucchinis, catnip, lavender…the list goes on..weeks of TLC down the gurgler…to say it is disheartening is an understatement.





While I have been melting and watching my garden dissolve and listening to the scanner for fires I have been working on things for the CWA.

I have been setting up a blog for our Branch as I am the only one who really blogs..this has been a lot harder than anticipated and we have had many meetings and discussions with various ladies from different branches in the area..

The design that at first was decided on I must confess to not really liking, I felt it was not bright enough and had some very different ideas, these ladies are amazing , I have explained my ideas and what I think we need to do to bring our organisation more ladies to it..this I think will be done with a bright catchy header and  a mix of information and fun!

So I was given the go ahead to take the bull by the horns and run with my ideas…some of these ladies are a good 20 years older than I and really keen to learn! So I re-did the whole thing..this has involved hours upon hours of sorting through my pictures that I thought were apt, touching them up to add some more colour and designing the header in a friendly and inviting way.

Also we have some fun bloggie events coming up that have had me pizapping until my eyes were ready to pop 🙂 …and the damn heat!!

Today we have had a mild day..hideous wind and some scary fires around all controlled now …I had an appointment this morning for an ultrasound so had been Fasting( which gets me cranky)  and then back to finally continue with this CWA blog…spent hours again..lost some work..found it again…and finally finished and got the newer and I think poppier Blog up and running..also got the pictures sorted for the cards I want to print out for the CWA with our blog address on them…phew….then finish fine tuning the xmas meeting minutes, the syllabus meeting minutes and do a blog post for the fur babies…

So I am going to have a mini me break for a day maybe..i need to garden needs help while these two days ahead are cooler…the ironic thing is I have yet to do another post on the CWA blog….spent more time on the design…I will mull on it I think..

I am going to have a drink and head to bed.. tonight will be a doona night…thankyou !!!

The sooner this Summer says goodbye the better.