Ok I am a big kid…I confess…I have always been happier getting myself dirty and getting into me intrepid…call me juvenile…but don’t call me if I’m up a tree!!

I am still without a treehouse..Santa heard me but is busy..after today we went walkies and I think Santa realises I may be safer in a treehouse than climbing trees like a monkey with blundstone boots and no really good centre of gravity..

Last night I got a bit childish too because we lost power …went off on off on then off….so candles were lit..and I remembered these silly caps we had with built in lights…ok so Phil and I donned these bad boys and voila …instant idiots! mind you they worked…except we looked like we were heading to the gold mines…every now and then looking at each other and burning each others retinas out!! we went outside and made poor Doc put one on…Forrest..well he’s no fool he took off in the dark to leave a nasty Pee-Mail…

Hi Ho Hi Ho  haahah

Hi Ho Hi Ho haahah

The things I do for a laugh ...thanks Grannie!

The things I do for a laugh …thanks Grannie!


Today I headed to my tree. .the closest one to the fence line near the land next doors dam..watering holes of course being a Primo spot for wildlife..well I finally caught sight of the tortoises in the dam ..there must be four or five ..I couldn’t get a shot because…well my right foot was wedged in a fork in the tree…my clutzy Steel capped gumboot was not moving…the other foot was on the fence post end..precariously balanced and threatening to cramp at any given moment..i had my video camera on my right wrist…my mobile phone in my back pocket meaning I couldn’t use the one solid branch of the tree to lean on due to possibly crushing my phone…and I had my camera in my left hand and I will fall before I let go of my camera! And I could hear Roos…I saw a few roos but none that were close enough to capture on film or video..

Monkey I ain't!

Monkey I ain’t!

So tonight Phil and I headed down …the roos were close but took off pretty quickly..we walked down to my tree..he shook his head….’yep that’s real stable’ he said…I pushed on it to show how flexible it was…yes I do believe I may be getting at least a more stable platform for my Attenboroughesque outings…and then off we went ..through the barbed wire fence and into the land over the fence…up to the dam…the tortoises were not there..most likely sleeping at the bottom of the dam ..we did see however the impressions in the mud from the big ruckus of a few weeks ago..they really did pound that ground they were incredibly deep footprints..indicating a lot of speed we had heard..

So I am a child at heart..and this is why I adore my animals..they too are child like…I am no Peter Pan as I am happy to be 52…but I think keeping your inner child alive is important..

No matter what age..