On the weekend hubby and I were outside getting the garden and lights sorted for xmas…yes most of you are going to have a lovely white xmas but for us it’s usually hot..this means everyone has their meals outside..until we can’t stand the heat anymore and head in…boxing day will be our big day as the kids all live a fair way from us and they visit their partners 12 for a late lunch hopefully outside with perfect weather…hmmmm…anyway I digress…so we were outside and I heard the tell tale thump of a roo…and it was a big thump..imagine the sound of a large thick plank of wood being belted on dry branches and the ground..i looked up and saw nothing..not unusual as these beautiful animals are perfectly designed for their environment in fact you could be staring right at one and not see it.

I went back to what I was doing when the bush broke into life…the doggies were out the back and there was a radio going so they heard nothing..which was good as the spectacle we were about to see would have been ruined by barking dogs!

The boundary fence on our property is of course posts and wire and on the slope of the hill on the adjoining land we could see them…looked like both mobs that have been rotating around all the properties here..and they were pounding along..this land has a dam at the bottom so it is a popular gathering place for the roos..

Hubby and I stopped working as we have never seen anything like this before..these roos were chasing each other up and down the hill slope first one way then they would turn and go the other fast and their feet pounding the ground so loud and they were ‘chuffing’ or ‘coughing’…roos don’t make those stupid sounds like the TV show Skippy had ..they make this bizarre coughing sound..they do this to warn each other of danger. This went on for so long..we crept down to the lower paddock..they were now chasing each other into the dam! hubby and I both then could see how it is they drown dogs in dams when appeared that perhaps a young but decent sized male was making a take over bid for the girls…they were getting tired it was quite clear that some were stressed..they would dart all over while the main mobs kept going.

Apparently when a roo wants to let a more dominant roo know it is no threat it will cough back..and if a human is ever under threat they should also cough deeply to let the roo know they are submissive..anywho I had my camera and got hubby to hoist me on top of the sheeps shed for a better was astounding to see..they were really so intense an every now and then a roo would stop and lick its arms..they do this as the blood vessels are close to the surface and this is how they cool down..i was of course worried about the young Holly and her bub Boo as this must be very frightening for a mum and her joey..all these aggressive males vying for top job as the Boomer of a mob.

They went off into the bushland and I crept down to my tree…hubby shaking his head and wondering why he was married to such a tomboy..up I went ..this tree is close to the fenceline and up in it I had a great view of the bush and dam..the reality is I have no desire to interfere with the roos and I respect their power and the fact they are dangerous…an aggressive roo will do some serious can’t run as they can outrun you while raking down your back with those sharp best I watch from up high..well I am a bit of a daredevil..

They came back…full pelt I could see one as he jumped in the dam and cooled off then bounded quick and the angle was all wrong to get a pic..then slowly walking on all fours along the fenceline came a male..not massive but big enough!! my heart was racing as I wondered what he was up too…well when he got four feet from me he stood up and stared right at me…my heart was pounding now as I realised really he could jump higher than the height I had perched myself…hubby I think was close to having a fit!! I had my camera ready to go and because he was so close it took me awhile to reset my lens so all I got was one pic..he then turned and left..i climbed down hubby shaking his head as I asked if he could build me a treehouse …

We went back up to the house and kept on working and apart from a few roos hopping around near the dam, most likely thirsty, the day became calm..thing is we have not seen them since..this was on Saturday…I am worried for the young mums and joeys and wonder where they have all gone…this is nature…this is life in rural Australia ..and this is my home….I would never see this behaviour in a zoo or sanctuary so I am truly blessed…

Now about that tree house…..SANTA…….OH SANTA…