54 thoughts on “WHEN TREATS ATTACK….sorry it’s sideways…..

    • Oh dear ..poor thing…it just sliped and I couldn’t do anything..saving grace is he doesn’t have the dinosaur bnes he used to..would have had him down for the count!! 😉
      Bev x


  1. “Mum’s in the poopy house”. OMP (oh my pig)! I can’t breathe. I absolutely love it. Snorts. It’s okay. You won’t be in the pooper for long. You have food – we are your friend 🙂 XOXO – Bacon


    • I have no idea Mollie!! what the….no clue..sure I wasn’t drinkin at the time hahahhahaahah..poor Doc..i felt awful..despite laughing..he was fine..dufus that he is..you have a great weekend too and I will refrain from dropping treats 😉 xxxxxxxxxx


  2. *kisses Doc on his sore head* Oh Bev I am howling with laughter…I have dropped so much food on Nylablue…she just shrugs it off & forgives me everytime…i mean a slip is a slip and the food and treats are the prize!!! Thank goodness our furbabies are so forgiving!!!
    Love Sherri-Ellen xo


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