Busy week

Hi everyone..busy week ahead and may get behind the eight ball..accept my apologises in advance!

Ran myself ragged last week and am paying the price now..naturalmondo! I have a scone competition on Thursday so did a practice batch yesterday pretty happy with the result see how we go,meanwhile have to do a Pet roster for Rhiannon so she knows the drill with the fur babies while she looks after them…honestly the prep for going away is always so much work that unless the holiday is extended it’s really heavy on the con side!



Would love a long break at Airlie Beach again…but a break is a break!!

Making sure their meals are done properly,their routine well mapped out,vet numbers,emergency numbers..blah blah..good grief!

Woke up middle of the night on Sunday/Monday with a nose full of cold..thrilled…

And have been draggin my butt around since hahahaha.

I am looking forward to two nights without the mayhem that is our life..i do miss the babies but a tiny break keeps us all sane! with a wedding coming up in November and still all the fencing to finish then organise the property for fire season two nights off is better than a poke in the eye with a pointy stick!

Hubby needs a break too work has been insanely busy and we both seem to have aged this last year..well of course we have but even more so than expected!

And still need to get Doc and the four girls down to see Dr Rayya for their c5 before boarding in November for the wedding..Forrest already had his with his bloodworks..

And of course Dr Rayya will be leaving our town next month and heading back to Dubai! We sure hope we still see her Facebook pics and I am sure her bloggie will still be there also.The vets at our clinic are all brilliant but we will still miss her smiling face and camera in the surgery πŸ™‚

So Friday morning we fly up to Brisbane…25 degrees Celsius at the moment better than our miserable expected ‘high’ of 11c….we fly home Sunday so I still get doggie and kittie kisses for my birthday πŸ™‚

If you don’t see much of me it’s because i’m chasing my tail at the moment and will catch up on as much as I can in the bloggiesphere .

Have an awesome day everyone cheers Fozziemum πŸ™‚