Can’t wait until our little friends start moving around again..

We miss the creatures that spring and summer bring..Al being a regular..

Forrest and Doc of course think i may about to be attacked by a Murdulator..

Well we do live in a town called Barkers Creek hhahahaha

Have a great day everybody and I hope our little local resident Echidna brings a smile to your face.



Forrests birthday thankyou

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes for our beautiful Forrest.

Some people think I must have too much time on my hands,that I need to get a life when I make such a big fuss.

Truth is I do have a life,and it is filled with animals and the joy they bring me.

Forrest is a puppy mill dog,as such he has had issues since he was little,we have been challenged by some things and have found living with him to be a great learning curve .. he is a gentle loving boy with a problem towards other dogs except Doc..he has never been violent but we know his limitations.

He has a full great life with us,11 acres to adventure,Doc to entertain him the cats who he adores and even the sheep are his friends.

He loves people..

As a big dog we know that he is now a senior pet..and as such we make the most of every moment we have with him,if this means making a fuss of ‘silly things’ like birthdays then so be it.

Gladly you are all like minded and adore your pets as much as we do..why we are friends in this bloggie world!

Forrest is my best friend,we spoon on his bed,we walk together ,talk together,play together..

When my heart has been broken he has licked my tears away..when I have felt sick he has been by my side..when I cook he is ‘always there in case I need him’ I spend every day of my life with Forrest ..

He has taught me to be patient,to be understanding,to be less selfish.

He was the one who taught me about puppy mills and what the results are,he opened my eyes to the real world of pet shops and the way they work..and because of Forrest we will always be advocates for shelter adoption.

So thank you again and enjoy some pics of my beautiful  Forrest my special quirky boy who is more than a dog to me ..he is my friend ..

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