It has been such a busy week here and there are more busy weeks ahead.

I finally have caught up on some bloggie things and am so thrilled that I have some awards to receive.

The first one I received was this one..


I  got this from lovely Ruby at….

I then received it again from Ku at

I would love to thank them both again as it is lovely to get these awards.

And indeed the blog world is like family,we learn so much about each other,our different countries,our likes dislikes..and especially beautiful pictures we share of family,pets and landscapes..

We have such a great opportunity with our blogs to reach out and connect in a safe and caring environment.

We can break down stereotypes also..our image of certain countries changes when we see them through the eyes of those who live within these areas..

I have to

A.Display the award on my blog and link back to the people I got it I have 🙂

B.Pass the award on to ten bloggers who I feel are part of my wordpress family.

C.Tell them and spread the love..

Some of you don’t do awards but I sill think you need to know that your blogs are inspiring and are very well enjoyed by me.


There are heaps more of you and I think you all deserve to be classed as family!

Then later in the week I got another award!! set my fingers into an arthritic frenzy hahaha

This award is also lovely..


The loyal reader award..pretty isn’t it!

Thankyou so much to Bacon at …

The rules for this award are

A.display this award..done

B.Thank the person who sent it to you..done

C.Ask a rhetorical question of the authors choosing.

4.Send on the award to anyone you feel is a loyal reader.

Okay rhetorical question.. I look like I am made of money

Answer..well I am kind of getting papery skin and I do feel a little green..

Now to spread the award..

And there are many more…

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy what life brings you !