I thought that I would do a post on the importance of taking pet ownership seriously.

I get incredibly frustrated at peoples assumptions that ‘free to a good home’ is indeed a bargain,now don’t get me wrong,there are an amazing amount of people who get their pets this way and give them the best of everything life has to offer..but there are some who have no idea that animals..like people have needs and wants far beyond just a comfy bed and a toy or meal.

When you take on an animal you take them on for better or for worse…also like people they get sick,they have accidents and they age..this is where commitment comes in.

We have had the honour of animals in our lives for a long long time..this time has seen some beautiful moments and some incredibly sad and upsetting times also.

We have loved and lost more than our fair share of amazing pets..illness has taken some,old age others ,dog attacks some and a shotgun another.

We have always  placed our pets in the same position as any other family member..with a need for good food,health care,mental stimulation,comfort and safety.

Pickles was a rescue and as such ‘free’ but that was where the free part ended.

We place on our Vet an even higher priority than  our G.P…we had a brilliant Vet where we lived before and I did more research on Vets before we sold our house than anything else in the area.

We are lucky we found Dr Rayya a Vet who also cares for animals as we do..with respect and integrity.

I wish people would consider than long term post puppy/kitten/lamb etc care of their pets..

I decided to get our Vet bills and out of curiosity and in line with the ‘Free to a good home’ theme,add up the ones that we have kept (by no means all of them) dating back roughly eleven years..

Before I put the total up I need to clarify a few things..

1.This is not inclusive of special dietary food required by Dinnermintz

2.This is not inclusive of any food..dog.cat.sheep

3.This is not inclusive of boarding costs for the animals when we go away (four cats two dogs and three sheep)

4.This does not include toys,bedding,litter trays,litter,collars,leads,flea/worm treatments

5.This does not include Forrests medications

6.Fencing,cat enclosures,cat cages

7.This does not include brushes,combs,shampoos,car harnesses

I also don’t believe it is unreasonable..we have always had Vets that are very moderate in their fees.

The total I got was.

$17.137.29 Australian Dollars over 11 years.

Realistically this is only an average of $1.557.93 a year..so as you can see still far from ‘Free’

When taking this into consideration you need to understand that it isn’t always ‘averaged’ out..sometimes the bills are in one lump..illness or accident..being the reason.

These incidents can happen when you least can afford them..like I said just like with people.

So I urge people to think when seeing a ‘Free to a good home’ ad..do you have the ability to maintain the animal in a proper and loving way..are you able to care for an ill animal..both financially and emotionally..do you have a plan for when things go wrong,do you have back up and support,what are you prepared to go without to ensure your pet is properly cared for in times of need.

Doc ,Forrest and Marbles are the eldest of our pets and as such health issues will arise due to aging..the younger ones can still get ill or have accidents..

I would not swap the love loyalty fun and joy our pets have given us for any of the money we have spent.

We are not wealthy by any means,and we at times have to make big financial sacrifices to care for our pets,but we knew this when we got them,we owe them they are our family and we would not have it any other way.

Pop over and check out our amazing Vet Dr Rayya ..at  http://www.rayyathevet.com

She has some awesome information and also great stories !

Also on our other bloggie http://ourpawpad.wordpress.com

We have some stories on there soon about events that have happened with our animals and attacks,fosters and animal welfare related articles .

Have a great day folks.

20 thoughts on “WHY THERE ARE NO ‘FREE’ PETS

  1. well said – you are so right. It’s often sad to hear that pets are rehoused over and over again because their owners circumstances change or they didn’t realise ‘what they were getting themselves into’ 🙂


    • I know I can understand some cases where life has taken a really bad turn for the worse,we never know what will happen,but people who just want a ‘free’ pet..well..it isn’t it never is..in our case add the cost of selling and buying a new house due to the loss of a cat from a shotgun wielding creature..we had to move just didn’t want to risk our other animals..waited a year and still felt soo bitter and untrusting..so that’s well into the multiple thousands of dollars..but we are all safe here..oh and I car we got so in bushfire times we can move all the animals away safely..no cheap pets here 🙂


    • They do add up..i keep them mainly to reference for medicines etc and keep tabs on health issues ..it’s the mum in me 😉 yes we had a great vet where we lived before and were very lucky when we researched and found Dr Rayya just ten minutes down the road..i always joke with her that she spends more time taking glam shots of the clientele than doing vet work..she is brilliant and always so good with our babies 🙂 Celebrity Vet indeed hahaha 🙂


    • That’s right..it’s being aware of the costs..we found insurance was so crazy expensive that the money is best put aside for them in our accounts..so many people don’t understand though.
      Bless em they are worth every cent 😉 xxxxx


  2. Well said! Sadly when people decide to get a “free” animal they haven’t put ANY thought into the future of that animal who’s depending on you from that day forward. So many animals wind up being dumped at shelters for that reason – people really were NOT ready for all the responsibilities of pet ownership including the cost involved. It’s heart-breaking really – I’ve never taken on a pet without consciously accepting that whatever lies ahead I’m ready to handle it – I like to think of it as “unconditional love” – something animals know so much about! Great blog post today……as always.



    • Thanks Pam,been seeing too many ‘Free to good home’ signs..like is said some are picked up by people like us but most want something for nothing and it really angers me..the amount in shelters because of lack of forethought is so frustrating.Particularly older terriers etc who need knee ops..much like Doc had and people are not prepared to spend the money..10 or older and all those years of faithful loyalty..thrown away..when we retire and our babies are no longer with us we will be adopting older dogs in need of medical help,let them retire with love and dignity..we will be too old for a puppy and it’s unfair to leave them behind if you pop off this world,for that reason when our last kitty leaves us we will foster al the time…we can then travel with an older dog and foster when we are home..perfect balance and fairer on the pets..i can’t live without them but I can’t outlive them either! 🙂 thanks again .


    • It sure is Dakota..we can’t help when things in life go very wrong,but to think you can have a free animal is just plain silly..of course they will cost money they are living beings.
      Thanks Dakota and have a great day 🙂


  3. eggs cell ant post fozziemum….N we all ways shake R heads at de amount oh puppies that bee given at Christmas ta kids az gifts…N de PARENTS haz NO EYE DEA bout de breed…period…..they see a advertizement ore a commershullz on de tee and vee…and think they HAZ ta have one…..therez a lot oh sadness bout a lot oh thoze dogs & wear they end up two….


    • There sure is da tabbies! pets should not be presents! the same pets sometimes end up dumped the next Christmas when the family wants to go on holidays and don’t want to pay for boarding!..it is too easy to get an animal..i think you should need to do a responsible pet ownership course..and have a licence with the fees for this going to shelters.


  4. We sure can be expensive, but we’re worth it:-)
    Such a shame that so many people take on pets without considering the level of financial commitment needed.


    • Misaki I agree..so worth it! a happy healthy animal is the greatest joy in your life,too many don’t get the care they require and it is so unfair..people forget that living things require appropriate looking after..humans can be silly!


  5. I paid for all three of mine, as they are purebreds. But they are also all insured. Lokii is very cheap, at £500 five years ago, he’s never been to the vet. The Bengal is… getting older. I’m worried something is wrong, but can’t put my finger on it. He’s mostly just been expensive because I moved him from the USA to Ireland 8 years ago! Dog’s the worst. Has cost us quite a lot. Eye problems, gut problems… Sigh.


    • That’s right…they can have so many things that go awry!
      You never know what can happen,underlying illnesses hereditary problems that surface as they age..Bless them I still think the Vets give better care than most G.P.s though hahaha 🙂


      • In Ireland, I’m not sure of either, to be honest. If I told a GP in the USA all the shite that is wrong with me, I’d at least have a start. It seems I tell him something, he does a blood test, then sends me to the hospital. I think our vet has the same sort of ideals – they know we are poor so don’t offer the tests that should be done. I’m much more likely to spend big money on the kids than on myself, as they can’t tell me where, or if, it hurts.


        • Our vets here, at least the ones I have had are brilliant..the drs…well…if it doesn’t fit the usual criteria it’s a handball job..send you off with no real answers! hence the reason I think I should go to the vet for myself..at least I would get a scratch,a treat and some nice conversation …the vets should at least leave it up to you to decide if can or can’t afford tests for the furbabies…it’s amazing how much we will spend on the pets..way more than we are prepared to spend on ourselves!


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