Lucy, you are worth it!

Anybody who would be able to take this precious girl on as a valued family member please contact Dr Rayya,she is a beautiful girl and would love a home of her own.


Dr Rayya's Online Veterinary Journal

I admitted Lucy to the hospital. She was very distressed in her cage and so I gave her a dose of Valium (sedative) to help her settle down. As I was driving her home, I had a million thoughts bouncing through my head. Is Wally, my husband, going to support the news of me adding a new member to our household without involving him in the decision? Is she going to get on with my dogs? What if the answer to the two previous questions was NO, what then?

Where could I send her to when every shelter had rejected her?

When we arrived, I was relieved my husband wasn’t home as I wasn’t ready to face him yet. Lucy was excited to get out of the car as she appeared to suffer from motion sickness and happily waltzed into my backyard. She busied herself with examining the parameters and ignored my…

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15 thoughts on “Lucy, you are worth it!

  1. What an amazing story. Dr. Rayya certainly immersed herself in discovering what Lucy’s EXACT problems were, then addressed them to the best of her abilities while at the same time giving Lucy a happy home with no stress. I hope she finds the perfect home for Lucy where she can continue to thrive.

    Pam (and Sam)


    • I spoke to Dr Rayya today as Forrest had some bloods done yesterday (all good thank fully) and was unaware she still had Lucy,she hopes that a perfect home can be found for her 🙂 she knows I have done lots of rehoming and rescues and asked if I could get the word out. So I hope to spread the word 🙂 I will be sending some contacts to her and hopefully someone will find Lucy a perfect companion for themselves..paws and fingers crossed 🙂 Thanks for reading her story 🙂 🙂
      Bev and the gang x


  2. lucy, de veree best oh fishes two ewe on findin yur new for evers home…may st francis guide ewe there yet this week…..speekin oh fishes, may bee ya could switch up yur diet from roo meat….ta trout !!! ewe noe fish oil bee good for all kinds oh stuff !!! veree nice two meet ewe lucy XOXO


    • Thanks da tabbies..she deserves a good home indeed! our vet has worked very hard with her to get her on track! St Francis indeed will help her he loved all animals like we do…poor thing is allergic to nearly everything 😦 have a great day guys!!
      Love Fozziemum and gang xxxxx


    • It sure is Savvy! Dr Rayya is doing a great job and we hope that soon Lucy can find her own furrever home,she is such a sweetie! you know of course because of your wonderful foster brofur Leo and his special circumstances..we all keep paws and fingers crossed for them all !


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