The great biscuit caper

Forrest is a lab x staffy and as such has the Labrastomach

Tis an eating machine and an opportunistic hunter..all be it a terribly cute one!

He has been to what we call the “Forrest t.s.Green school of subtlety”

The scent of a biscuit ( I believe a movie starring Robert de niro) lures the stomach and it brings along the willing dog.

He starts with the ‘look’ know a heart melter.

I love you mum!

I love you mum!

Then a casual glance around..

La dee da...

La dee da…

The object of his true desire is now most likely not me!

So close...think mum would get there before me?

So close…think mum would get there before me?

Safely out of reach of his slobbery chops,the offending biscuits are swiftly popped in a container…

Nasty little temptresses!

Nasty little temptresses!

Instantly Forrest finds much more excitement to be had by lying in front of the fire and giving me the big Raspberry!

Sorry Boo boo bear…