Fast and furrious…

Today since my computer is R.I.P. resting in pieces..i have attched myself to hubbies,which although very snappy requires from me a level of computer knowledge beyond my job description.

So todays SPOTLIGHT CREATURE FEATURE is on hold until i can wrangle my photos from this computer….Instead i was thinking of discussing something i think we all have seen,all have wondered at and all probably secretly keep to ourselves for fear others may think we are the owners of ‘odd’ cats.

Yes..i think you will read this and breathe a collective sigh of relief,because i am talking about this in an open forum..setting myself and my cats up for public humiliation.

Luckily they are too disinterested in anything to do with me today that does not involve keeping the wood up to the fire and not moving them.


I have noticed this for quite awhile,i have talked about it with my husband,my sister (mauriceboscarellicats mum) and probably no one else..i don’t think so anyway.

My cats in one in particular,not mentioning any names MARBLES…does this ridiculous litter tray routine..yes we have debased ourselves to the level of talking potty talk.

It used to be that she would do the FAST AND FURRIOUS up and down the house making squeaking noises and knocking over everything in her path….prior to jumping in her litter tray like a cat possessed.

In fact it was such a routine that i used to yell at her to just go already for the love of Pete..she drove us crazy! This was such a ridiculous thing because MARBLES is the least energetic cat i have ever known…she moves only enough to go from bowl to bed to bowl,so this was i thought quite impressive.She started to take it up a notch and involved a bit of violence in the routine,any cat in the way receiving a swat and hiss as if they are spoiling her routine in some way.

While this dash is occurring her tail is in full fluff her eyes look like dinner plates and she sort of twitches.

Recently this FAST AND FURRIOUS has been happening not only pre but post poo/wee ..the down side to this is that litter is thrown like confetti as she kicks out of the tray like a bull ant has gotten her bum.

I have no idea why she does this and why she has extended her routine to include a two way dash…even more stupifying is the fact that she could be in the garden resting all day ..then she paws at the glass door (must get her some cleaning mitts she does a great job) and i let her in so she can do this routine inside…she has had the whole 11 acres to do this but no it is an inside activity.

So i have some questions….is this a way to propel the goods to leave the building if you know what i mean?  is she scared..what is this feeling and what do i do? is she irritated that her body has disturbed her busy/lazy day ? is she suddenly coming up with a great idea that coincides with the need to go to the tray? is she simply a nut?

I have no idea..but it’s out now i have bought the problem out in to the light for good or bad..but if i didn’t get it out i fear i may have myself started bolting through the house like a mad woman…so please if your cat suffers from FAST AND FURRIOUS let me know..because surely i can’t have the only cat in the universe that does this 🙂