The harsh realities of rural life

I headed off to do my chicken sitting today and was looking forward to it as i miss having my own at the moment.

When i arrived at my destination i remembered why we don’t have chickens yet.

You see we have not got an area that is ready yet to protect them from foxes and snakes.

The harsh reality of rural life is that foxes kill chickens,and they not only kill them but leave them behind,they kill as many as possible and just leave’s horrid and this was what i faced today.

At sometime during the night a fox has found a weak spot and gotten in and killed 9 of my charges.

I was shattered,the remaining girls were skittish and upset and i felt so sorry for them.How terrifying for these gentle creatures,to have to witness this seemingly pointless slaughter.

I quickly fed the girls lots of fresh greens seed and grains and then had to work out what to do.

I had a rubbish bag in the car and picked up each poor darling,apologising to each one for what had happened.

I had to put them in the rubbish bin and this upset me even more..what an undignified end for these sweet girls that i had enjoyed spending quiet reflective time with.I again apologised but i knew of nothing else i could do.

You see,i would often ,when we had chickens,find myself sitting on the ground,talking to them,getting sat on by them and just taking in the quiet while they dust bathed and pecked my painted toenails.

You can’t stay angry or upset when you take the time to step into their world.

Having said sorry i went around the perimeter of this huge enclosure and finally found the spot where the fox had gotten in,i filled it with rocks and bricks and double checked the perimeter again..all the time swearing and on the verge of tears.’

I understand that all creatures need to eat,but i cannot understand how foxes kill so many with the view to come back yet they never do…9 gentle girls giving me the gift of their beautiful eggs all dead,heads taken off and just left.

When i left i went straight to the shops and bought myself a chocolate bar,i have come home,i have made a coffee and i am going to have a good cry.

You may think this is over the top,but this is me.

I am 51 i am married i have four adult kids and i cry over animals all the time.

I am i think perfectly normal.

Tribute to the humble charges

Tribute to the humble chicken…my charges


Hi i'm Doc

Hi i’m Doc

Hi everyone i am Doc.

A little bit about me

I was born on 17th October 2002

My grandma (fozziemum) bought me for my dad and she has since dognapped me and held me captive!

You see when dad left home mum said it would be unfair to take me away from Forrest and plus dad has to work and so grandma (who is lazy) said he can stay with me because i am always there.

I am a foxterrier x mini fox terrier…grandma says i am a foxual terrier (i think she means cos i am cute or she is one sick unit! )

Grandma calls me foxual

Grandma calls me foxual

I am a real active boy,and because of this i have had several accident *remembers and shudders*

The first one was my see i love to run like i am being chased by a dog catcher!

I had to have a knee was not nice..the vet (at the bad place) told my grandma i had to be kept still for weeks…and then he laughed..grandma said it wasn’t funny how was she supposed to keep me quiet for such a long time,she said i wasn’t a Basset Hound..i dont know what she meant.

Grandma slept by the fire on the doggie beds with me all night *touches chest with paw* it was so nice to have her comfort me.

Soon i was back to my old fantastic/overactively annoying self.

Playing chase with my bro Forrest (we call him Fozzie) and the smelly fat/delicious sheeps

That's Oscar the sheeps he is smelly/delicious !

That’s Oscar the sheeps he is smelly/delicious !

Then much laters grandma thought i had a cancers …her and grandad had lost our friends Simba and Merlin ( those cats that make the chips in hot oil noises when we bother them) and were very upset.

Dr Findlay (at the bad place) said we need to operate…grandma was leaking from the eyes alllll morning..until the Dr rang and said it is okay it was a deeply imbeded grass deep for so long that it then blew up in my armpit!..



Grandma stayed with me...

Grandma stayed with me…

Mr bro Fozzie is always there for me ..even when i get scratched up by the rose bush…

Forrest tending my wounds/tasting me

Forrest tending my wounds/tasting me

We play together

My bro Fozz

My bro Fozz

I like to help around the place/intefere…when we moved we needed to fix stuff up..grandma loves cooking and she said the kitchen was hid-e -mouse…so i helped with ‘site management’ i did this by yelling at the peoples that were breaking grandmas kitchen..this made me tired!

I just got so tired i fell asleep on the job

I just got so tired i fell asleep on the job

I have to help with crumbs when grandma misses her mouth and her tongue can’t reach the floors

I am right here grandma so don't worry if you get clumsy

I am right here grandma so don’t worry if you get clumsy

I yell at grandad when he gets the noisy chasemonster out and so he thought i could indeed help…i didn’t like it so i quit!

Maybe i don't want to help with the noisy chase monster

Maybe i don’t want to help with the noisy chase monster

I don’t like baths…i don’t like smelling all pretty..grandma has to get in the bath with me in her shorts and t shirts because that’s the best way to humiliates me she says *grumbles and licks bum*

Please grandma ...really

Please grandma …really

I would much rather get clean in the dirty smelly yabbie filled waterhole that grandma swear at ( she always calls it the dam! ) grandma keeps me and Fozzie on long leads because we don’t know how deep this dam thing is

This is a better smell than grandmas bath!

This is a better smell than grandmas bath!

I can be one time i got up high on the bench when no one was watching/caring and i found the left overs..grandma growled at me*frowns* but then she took my picture..because i am cute …

Helping with the dishes..really i am!

Helping with the dishes..really i am!

We celebrate my birthday with treats that i am not allowed all the time..because i got Pan-cre-at-eyetis once and was in hospital three days or 21 doggie sleeps..

Happy birfdays to me

Happy birfdays to me

And i love Santa..i know when he is coming i hear his hat and my grandma and grandad laugh cos i almost hyper-vent-imilations with excitement..i stare at Santa all season until Grandad suffocates him in a bag and puts him in the roof!

Where is Santa?

Where is Santa?

To finish i would like to say some more things.

1.I never had a flea ever..and when i scratch grandma says she will buy me some fleas for xmas so i have a real reason to scratch.

2.Anyone who comes here to my house is coming to kill grandma..i just know it

3.I have never been a dad because grandma made me get a newt-turning

4.I think all black cats smack..because they do cept Cleo who hasn’t done the frying chips in hot oil noise at me yet

5.My dad got married to my Aunty Sarah last year and now she is my stepmums

6.My grandma tells my dad not to ‘razz’ me up when he comes..cos i start to cough a bot and grandma says i will get grass lips (when i need to chew grass and then backwards eat)

Thanks everyone for reading my story/tail .

Tomorrow i have an idea who is next on creature feature so i wait for their SPOTLIGHT .

Have a great day