Hi everyone today mum has the SPOTLIGHT on me Marbles.

Hi i'm Marbles!

Hi i’m Marbles!

Let us start with some facts about me..ready everyone..

My Purr-thday is a guess as i was a dumped kitten..*wipes a tear away*

5 of October 2001

I am a Blue/Cream Tortiseshell female

I have had a mummyectomy so i have never had babies and mum says this is good because their are so many babies that need homes.

When i was a kitten my mums daughter found i was living in a not nice house *frowns* and they were feeding me gravy..gravy..that is not good for kittens!

So mum said to her daughter bring her home we will look after her.

Now mum and dad already had 3 cats..Squash an old ginger girl, Simba a strong big black boy and Merlin Mc Tavish another black boy cat.

Sadly we have said goodbye to Squash who lived to 17, Simba who was shot and killed by someone,and Merlin who died from feline aids caught from a feral that attacked him at our home.

*wipes away tears as mums eyes start leaking*

I am a very independant girl i love to decide when i want a cuddle..i enjoy sleeping because that is good thinking time and i love to do this on the back of mums chair!

I was a playful kitten and mum has photos but she is too stupid to know how to get them on the computer..sheesh

When the Simba went to the rainbow bridge i was very upset,you see,we have to all be inside before dark and he didn’t come home..mum and dad looked everywhere..dad looked under our car because he heard something *gets choked up now* and it was me,i was hiding under there as i had found Simba..he was already gone…

Dad wrapped him up and we all cried so much..we found out the next day when mum and dad asked the vet to please check him as something was not right..our vet (at the bad place) rang mum and said the xray showed he had been shot!!

*very angry now* who would do this!! After this happened i got so sad i would not even go outside on the porch to lie in sun puddles..i got really scared of going out even in the cat outdoor playroom.

I got even sadder when mum and dad had to say goodbye to Merlin just a little while later..he was my friend to.

SO..this is the good bit..mum and dad said that’s it let’s sell and move away to a place where the animals are safe..this made me happy and a bit nervous!

I found myself thinking of happy things and got my playtime fun back.

Let's move yay!

Let’s move yay!

Wow what a big move….all the way to the country!! i made the not happy music nearly all the way in the car..me and my sisters..you see i was not alone!

I am so happy here ,mum says i always look like i am frowning but really i am just a deep thinker..i am the Alpha girl now so i have a lot of purr-resure..i have three sisters and two tail-waggers to keep under control!

We were here only a short time when me and Forrest (tail-wagger ) found a hugggggge snake..he made that silly noise and mum came out to see this big black snake on the other side of dads new fence! she was brave my mum and yelled at Forrest to come get a treat..tail waggers are so easy to distract *mol* she threw his treat in the house and in he went and she grabbed me…we never saw the hissy thing again.

The next snake mum saw and we were asleep inside..pretty isn’t he…mum says he is deadly so i don’t go near them…

Hissy thing that;s not a cat but still hissy

Hissy thing that’s not a cat but still hissy

I spend my days relaxing now as mum says i am a ‘pensioner pussy’..sounds a bit rude to me i still feel young,i like to go on small adventures outside now as i feel safe again..safe from nasty people who might hurt me.

I feel safe outside on my verandah

I feel safe outside on my verandah

I enjoy checking out mums garden..i like the lavender and especially the ‘nip’ plant..although mum says i can’t handle my nip..just because i get my claws out of paws sometimes when the other girls want a bit…i am the boss though!

Sun puddles near the Lavender

Sun puddles near the Lavender

Mum let’s the birdies visit because she thinks they are pretty..i like to watch them and  think they are pretty/tasty ..but i am too refined to be a birderer so i just watch them.

Tasty..i mean pretty

Tasty..i mean pretty

Sometimes they get too close and i make that cha cha cha noise hoping they will answer me….mum laughs when i do this..boy peoples got no idea about us sometimes!

Too close for comfort!

Too close for comfort!

So just some other things to know about me…I am a little on the pluxury size..in fact my aunty (who is mauriceboscarellicats mum) calls me an armadillo…how rude!!

My coat is extra soft.

I get cranky with the other girls sometimes, i am after all 12! respect please

My new vet is Dr Rayya and she is  very good even if she lives in the bad place! She even has a blog too!

I love that i am safe and that i was saved from a bad place,i take my job as the boss very seriously and i let the paw come down when needed…I love that mum and dad have moved us all to our new home.we have 11 acres and are very safe now..and mum even had a dream before we moved here and Simba was playing in the front paddock..mum said he even had his full tail (he lost half a tail to a dog attack ) so she knew this was the place to go.

Mum called our home Samovila..a russian spirit type funny thingy who was the protector of the woodland and all creatures she hopes this also keeps us safe.

So SPOTLIGHT on me is over and let’s see who tomorrow’s SPOTLIGHT will be on.

Thankyou for reading about me and have a purrfect day,i must go rest *wipes sweat off angry frown* as this was quite emotional….