I Have A Plan…

I am thinking that since i have so many pets/dependants

I get remiss at times and fail to shine a spotlight on all of them equally.

I would hate to be seen as favouring any one pet/complainer..this would be very poor form indeed as i am most certainly not a speciest…is this even a word?

So i am thinking that over the coming days/how many weeks in a year..i will make it a point to shine the big SPOTLIGHT..on each much loved/harassing pet.

This will require some work as each has a unique/self-indulgent story to be told.

Okay so here goes,this is the grand plan..(and could turn to custard rapidly)

 1.I will start on Monday and put the BIG SPOTLIGHT on the eldest member and go through all the pets/ego maniacs…down to the youngest ..this way species plays no part in determining who is going first/more loved/favoured/

2.This SPOTLIGHT will include all important facts and perhaps some fiction.

3.This SPOTLIGHT may not have baby pics as i am computer challenged and may have trouble finding said pics without calling in a forensic investigator.

4.This SPOTLIGHT will finally stop the pets/whingers…from thinking i favour one over another.

So as the human /furless representative i Bev AKA Fozziemum AKA Jerome..(sounds like i am a criminal)  will present the more intelligent members of our family/know it alls…in the most flattering light that i can.

Once i have completed my mission i can move on to the other flora,fauna and random things that i like to snap or talk about..i may even have to start a blog just for the pets..since they consume my blog so much..have a great week folks. 🙂