Tag dag

So i was very excited to get Tagged in a game by my blogosphere friend easyweimaraner.

He says (and i do believe him) that it’s like getting an award only it isn’t!

So first thing i have to post is the rules.

1. Post a picture of yourself (fozziemum..mum..says she’s uglier than a broken pie so she put me in the spotlight)And eleven random facts about you……………



1.I can’t eat dry food

2.Sometimes when mum walks into the loungeroom she says..looks like someone spilled a can of animals in here

3.I conned mum and dad into adopting me by deliberately getting sick at the shelter i was in as kitten…three times hehehehe

4.I have tried to climb trees but my weight won’t let me get up

5.Mum swears sometimes

6.I get beaten up by Pickles and she’s like a midget

7.Mum thinks i can see fairies because i stare sometimes around the room at nothing

8.I have never been a birderer

9Dad calls me Brute Bernard sometimes ( mum says he was a wrestler and swears at dad)

10.Mum calls me Pluxurious

3.Answers taggers questions.

okay Easy…here we go .

1.Whats the worst thing you had to eat.

Nutrigel when i was a sick kitten….bletch!

2.Do you like t.v commercials.

Yes the commercials for racing cars make my eyes go berserk!

3.Have you even written a love letter to a celebrity.

No but mum did when she was a teenager..to the Bay City Rollers..how embarrassing mum

4.What’s your favourite movie

Mine is Finding Nemo he looks so cute/delicious…mums is Forrest Gump (that’s how our tail wagger got his name)

5.Do you like car driving by night

I hate the car..because it takes me to the bad place..mum doesn’t like to drive at night because she doesn’t want to hit them big hoppy things

6.Whats your favourite ice-cream

Me and mum love good Vanilla bean ice-cream..

7.What’s the first thing you do in the morning

I wake up and ask politely for breakfast…mum wakes up and takes the tail waggers out for a wee

8.Did you have posters on your wall when you were a teenager..which

Me no…mum yes Bay City Rollers…gee mum

9.Can you play a musical instrument? which one?

Me i sing meow meow etc, mum no, dad guitar ,mums two leggeds one guitar,one drums,one bass guitar

10.If you were a teenager would you join in casting shows

No i am very privates

11.Do you prefer to listen to music or watching tv or nothing to fall asleep

I love to sleep it just happens hehehe

3.Now create 11 new questions and tag new people to answer them.

Go to their blog or twitter to let them know they are tagged.


1.Favourite music

2.Do you have an animal or creature that frightens you

3.Do you have a big family

4.Have you ever run away from home when little

5.A favourite toy when younger

6.What do you miss the most sometimes

7.Do you tell people your age or fib

8.What would you like to be remembered for

9.Have you ever been on a plane trip

10.Who do you admire most and why

11.Blog or facebook which is more rewarding.

Have fun and thanks Easy

Here are my tag nominees if you want to and if you have time 🙂