Our feline cuzz

Hey everybody…Dinnermintz,Pickles,Marbles and Cleo want to welcome their cousin to the big bad blogosphere…

mauriceboscarellicat…aka Boscoe…aka Maurice!

Please pop over and welcome him and his gang..he lives with two other kitty cats and a  tail wagger and they get up to some strange stuff just like us!

Monday Mischief


Nobody likes a Monday…so i am doing Monday Mischief..

Well this morning was unpleasant,it’s cold and i needed coffee..but fasting..so i head off for the 20 minute drive..country people are lovely but not the best drivers!

I mean they are so relaxed and the traffic was crawling…now i am usually patient (insert raucous laughter here) but i am Jonesing for a coffee,my head has that throb that only the caffeine addicted can relate to and i fear i may implode!

Eventually i arrive at my destination..of course take a number (like at the deli) and await your lucky bingo number to be called…already i am crestfallen..three people waiting and i get number three??

So either someone has fallen asleep at the counter or this is like extreme bingo.

My time arrives i almost skip..i can smell that bean and i know it is within reach,i get told to go into room two with my number three and wait…

I wait….i hear a conversation about leave loading…other mumbled conversations as well….i can almost see my coffee getting further away…

A girl comes in and asks if anyone is seeing me…i reply no i can almost not see myself by this stage.

A laugh in the hallway and a harried lady with a large grin walks in and apologises profusely…by now i am so excited that i forgive her anything…just take my now freeze dried blood and let me out !

Damage done i beam up at her and mention something i spied while waiting in the room,she laughs her head off..i know it’s juvenile and i know it’s really not for me but i tell her i must have one!

Even though i need to leave..i need to get my caffeine fix..i wait ..patiently as she tends to my strange request.

She bids me a great day and i also to her and off i go.

A little less blood on board and heading for my quadruple shot large latte with skinny milk…the proud recipient of….

I am brave indeed !

I am brave indeed !