Dinnermintz and Pickles ask you to respect no Funday Monday…

What else would you do if you were a cat with a soft warm furry coat and a soft warm furry friend and a comfy couch and a warm woodfire….where else would you be if it was raining (mum is very very happy with the rain) so we have taken over the top of the couch and we won’t budge until our next meal is served….

Lovefest 2013

Lovefest 2013

6 thoughts on “Dinnermintz and Pickles ask you to respect no Funday Monday…

  1. What better way to spend a day and in what better place than the top of the couch! It’s MY fave nap/spy spot too…..enjoy…..now if I could just get my Dad to build a fire in the fireplace………”DAD!!!!! OH DAD??????”………..wish me luck!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


    • Goodluck Sammy…our tummies are full now and we have assumed different positions..I’m on the hearth and Dinnermintz is grooming herself on top of the woodbox next to the fire.Marbles is on top of another couch and Cleo is on mums seat on the couch…the tail waggers have beds in front of the fire too..usually we snuggle up with them too..it’s a very civilised life indeed πŸ™‚ kitty hugs to you too Sammy


  2. if ewe hada nice handee snak tray rite ther….ya wood knot even knead ta mewve frum yur cozze spot…wake up, snak a bit, go bak ta sleep !!!!



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