My day from rabbits to ricotta

Sweet temptress

Sweet temptress

I followed up a leisurely peruse of past holiday snaps this morning with a lovely read of my Organic Gardening book..both these pass times were short lived as the day beckoned and there was much to do.

The tail waggers had enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast and quickly stepped outside in search of cat nuggets..yes those delicacies that the felines place around the garden with gay abandon.While the boys were out truffling i did the dishes,made the bed and ironically cleaned cat litter trays…perhaps i could do a deal with the waggers?

My lovely husband rang to let me know he had finally arrived in Darwin,he told me it was 34c with a minimum of 23c expected..i told him he must have arrived in menopause land and wished him the best with the sweats….i got my own problems,it’s every sweater for themselves!

Meanwhile a slight breeze had the waggers whining at the door to come back in to the fireplace…i don’t need it going but the boys haven’t hit dogopause yet so they feel the chill.

A trip to the shop,a long sigh at yet another dead roo on the side of the road and stop and pick the bin up on the way…never thought i would have to drive my bin around .No mail..excellent..and home.

The dogs are booooooored so off we go for a walk,now Forrest T.S.Green (aka Fozzie ) hates Rabbits or loves them it’s hard to tell,so i put his lead on pop one on Doc who by this time is almost beside himself with excitement and off we go…straight to the barn…smells great..darting left and right i have become a human ping pong ball..i guide the boys down the property line and towards the bottom paddock.

This paddock we called Forrests Forest because he loves it.Usually the sheep are in here but we have moved them to another paddock and they are residing with some roos.

So we enter Forrests Forest,now i know the two bonfire piles are rabbit Hiltons i have seen the cute/mongrels coming and going.The first thing the boys do is jump in the sheeps water unimpressed they were that it was not out and now the sighting…here we go.

Forrest spots a rabbit a big juicy/cute rabbit..and my arm has just been pulled out like xmas i let him go and for a ten year old sooky dog he flew….well the rabbit was gone,under the fence and out of sight,Doc had only just worked out what was going on when it was all over.I called my rabbit chasing hero and the grin from ear to ear was priceless..back on lead and Doc makes a beeline for the bonfire..two dogs crazy with the scents sniffing poking around…at one stage all i could see of Doc was the tip of his tail,when he emerged blood on his face…so i had a good look and he must have scratched himself on some wood..that was it party over..pack up your scent glands boys back we go.

Two tail waggers fast asleep in front of the fire..i am stoking it up…sweating.

Garden watered,in Autumn still no rain,then dinner,me weight watcher ..hmmm cats fed..feline face cleaning begins…good girls..doggies fed…asleep again..catch up with some phone calls and then because i am on a diet i decide it’s ricotta they have come out of the oven and nothing but nothing smells as good as fresh cakes.

It’s funny,i told hubby that when he comes home from his business trip i will be checking his collars for grease and salt…if he cheats on me with a take away meal i will be shattered..she says eyeing off those sweet sweet ricotta cakes..well perhaps we all have a rabbit we want to chase..mine at the moment is the ricotta cake…