Monday is over..time for sleepies

Monday is over..time for sleepies

My sleepy friend here has the right idea,it is indeed time for bed.
Just so you know,he is not ‘stoned’ on eucalypt leaves as is often said.There is so little energy in them that he is plum tuckered out from eating..and he only eats certain types..i am tired just thinking about it.
This beautiful Koala i saw was in a sanctuary .

8 thoughts on “Monday is over..time for sleepies

  1. When I was little I pretended I was a koala and my sister was the eucalyptus tree. I got to hold one in Cairns a few years ago, they are heavy, their fur is more wiry than I thought (not like my stuffed toys) and their nails are really sharp. It was an amazing experience.


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