Oh dear Cleo

Oh dear Cleo

Well…trip to the vet this morning…Cleo last night appeared from her sleep on our bed ready for dinner…she bought her own pumpkin…her head…a quick after hours phone call to the vet and it was decided an antihistamine until this morning….she settled fine on our bed except for shaking her head all night…the bells…the bells…drove me nuts!! Oh and i think she knows i put her pic up..so better pop a nice one up..sorry Cleo πŸ™‚DSC_0120

Why not smile at a crocodile..they smile back!

When my hubby and i holiday we always try and incorporate some form of animal experience.This holiday we took to Far North Queensland and the Proserpine area.Here we went on a boat trip down the Proserpine river to see Crocodiles in the wild.Getting to our destination we saw my favourite views..the sugar cane fields.Cane fieldsI love the fields,they sway and almost humm.Our first sighting when we got there was ‘Gloria’ what a beautiful girl she was indeed,she may have a name but this does not mean she is at all tame,these crocs are not fed by humans ever,indeed if we did not see a croc on the day so be it,it was completely up to the reptiles on the day.Gloria

The river itself is beautiful,plenty of trees and banks,inlets and areas of marsh .Perfect crocodile area.

I was thrilled to see many babies and young juvenile crocodiles,it shows a healthy environment.
More basking babiesBabies in the sun
Of course i would never enter the water,even though i wanted to get closer!Would you enter?A two year old..already impressive
I suppose the bird life takes it’s chances and seems not fazed by the presence of these big predators.A brave bird indeed!
Our last sighting was this huge croc..his color and muscle definition are stunning.We made our way home and enjoyed the scenery ..again offering a glimpse of more lovely animals.lThe beautiful muscles and colorBrahmans enjoying the dayThe handsome Brahman bulls ended our day on a serene note.