Remembering the past

PicsArt_1366679334236Today  we remember here in Australia the fallen.


For me this day  is not about glorifying war,it is not about whether you agree or disagree with men and women going to war.

Today for me is about honouring the fallen ,the lost and those who live with the legacy of war.

This  also has me remembering my ancestors,those amazing individuals whose genes i carry,hopefully doing them justice.

Very different people but all heroes to me.

My paternal grandmother who drove trams in Scotland during the war,  i thank her for my love of cooking and am  amazed at her ability to come to this dry land and start a fresh life.Her husband my grandfather fought  in Egypt where he suffered shell shock,he would hide under the table when a thunder storm raged,yet he came here with his bride from Wales and battled the war of dust and red dirt,providing for their family and making a fruitful and productive land out of barren and inhospitable terrain.

My maternal grandparents were both born here in Australia.

During the war my grandfather a policeman had to guard the Italian people who Australia at that time had in a lock down of sorts.This was not a violent affair,the government was merely unaware of their affiliations and so they were in camps.My grandfather had formed many friendships with these wonderful affable people and thrilled me with many tales of his conversations and the things he had learned from the inmates.

At night he would ride a bicycle and go around the town making sure people were abiding by the brown outs,blinds drawn and no lights visible at all.

Indeed these are the things my mind reflects upon on this day.

Not the violence or horror of war,not the rights or wrongs,but the stories behind the people who were living this time.

We will indeed remember them.

We will remember that the freedoms we have today are attributed to their sacrifices.

Freedom to blog,tweet,post,text.

Freedom to stand up for what we believe in and effect change.

Freedom to move across our wonderful country,uninhibited, travel where we want and achieve whatever it is we want to.

I am i hope carrying the genes of tenacity,courage and care.

I am now living in an inhospitable enviroment ,the ground unforgiving ,the land dry and dusty.And as i plant my garden ii reflect on the my forefathers and i ask them to look down on my attempts with a smile….perhaps even send a little luck my way.

Yes i remember them today, tomorrow and always.

On the Eleventh hour of the Eleventh day of the Eleventh month we shall have our silent moment to remember.