Introducing the woolly family

Introducing the woolly family

Felix,Oscar and Jock…the three amigos…
With 11 acres to graze..when we let them free range the property (they are usually in a 2 acre paddock) they spend the day doing laps of the house…girly sheep..they follow you like dogs and are the most amazing pets..many a day i spend lying in the paddock getting very very smelly sheep kisses…that ruminant belly produces some awful gas!

Even different species get along..why can’t we

ImageOscar the merino cross and Dinnermintz the ginger girl meet up for a kiss.With all the craziness in the world it makes me wonder that two different species with nothing in common can feel no preconceptions about each other,can look at each other with curiosity and wonder and not feel the need to fear each other.

And we are supposed to be the intelligent species….hmmmm

Forrest in the bush

Forrest T.S.GreenToday Forrest won…Doc always holds him up from the sniffs by digging and fossicking…this time Forrest had a single minded mission..he found an ancient bone…white and lonely it was too tempting, so he promptly plonked down and set about devouring it…well this time Doc had a sniff he just had to follow,but we were stuck there…Forrest was moving for no woman or dog…he was as happy as a dog with a smelly old bone in the bush.

Listening to his jaws crushing this i was glad that he loves me…so strong and yet he’s my boo boo bear…meanwhile back at the hill my left arm was being pulled by one Fox Terrier with a rabbit and roo scent in his nostrils!…Not only was i battling a war between myself and the scent that is so strong to him ,but the fact he is a terrier…a quiet and unassuming dog (not) was not helping my cause.

Before i knew it Forrest was up,grinning like only a lab x staffy can and shook himself was all over…eating machine.

We continued our stroll/run through the bush,Doc following that rabbit scent and Forrest right by his side…