Marvelous Marbled Gekko

Marvelous Marbled Gekko

This little guy was as suprised to see me as i was him.A busy weekend working on the property but to come across these wonderful creatures is a lovely way to stop and absorb nature.He had been under a large dead tree trunk,and as i collected Quartz for a fire pit he came scuttling out.How amazing is his camo wear! He went about his business and is safe,we won’t move or destroy their habitat.

A man outstanding in his field

Happy birthday to my wonderful hubbie…indeed a man outstanding in his field.ImageMy best friend and the person i have grown up with and am also rapidly aging with..the man who i have known since i was a 16 year old and the man i will probably see through tired old eyes if i am so lucky.

Father of our kids,giver of dog treats to our boys and rubber of our cats bellies…flock leader to our sheep…happy birthday my are indeed outstanding in your field 🙂

Remembering the past

PicsArt_1366679334236Today  we remember here in Australia the fallen.


For me this day  is not about glorifying war,it is not about whether you agree or disagree with men and women going to war.

Today for me is about honouring the fallen ,the lost and those who live with the legacy of war.

This  also has me remembering my ancestors,those amazing individuals whose genes i carry,hopefully doing them justice.

Very different people but all heroes to me.

My paternal grandmother who drove trams in Scotland during the war,  i thank her for my love of cooking and am  amazed at her ability to come to this dry land and start a fresh life.Her husband my grandfather fought  in Egypt where he suffered shell shock,he would hide under the table when a thunder storm raged,yet he came here with his bride from Wales and battled the war of dust and red dirt,providing for their family and making a fruitful and productive land out of barren and inhospitable terrain.

My maternal grandparents were both born here in Australia.

During the war my grandfather a policeman had to guard the Italian people who Australia at that time had in a lock down of sorts.This was not a violent affair,the government was merely unaware of their affiliations and so they were in camps.My grandfather had formed many friendships with these wonderful affable people and thrilled me with many tales of his conversations and the things he had learned from the inmates.

At night he would ride a bicycle and go around the town making sure people were abiding by the brown outs,blinds drawn and no lights visible at all.

Indeed these are the things my mind reflects upon on this day.

Not the violence or horror of war,not the rights or wrongs,but the stories behind the people who were living this time.

We will indeed remember them.

We will remember that the freedoms we have today are attributed to their sacrifices.

Freedom to blog,tweet,post,text.

Freedom to stand up for what we believe in and effect change.

Freedom to move across our wonderful country,uninhibited, travel where we want and achieve whatever it is we want to.

I am i hope carrying the genes of tenacity,courage and care.

I am now living in an inhospitable enviroment ,the ground unforgiving ,the land dry and dusty.And as i plant my garden ii reflect on the my forefathers and i ask them to look down on my attempts with a smile….perhaps even send a little luck my way.

Yes i remember them today, tomorrow and always.

On the Eleventh hour of the Eleventh day of the Eleventh month we shall have our silent moment to remember.


Introducing the woolly family

Introducing the woolly family

Felix,Oscar and Jock…the three amigos…
With 11 acres to graze..when we let them free range the property (they are usually in a 2 acre paddock) they spend the day doing laps of the house…girly sheep..they follow you like dogs and are the most amazing pets..many a day i spend lying in the paddock getting very very smelly sheep kisses…that ruminant belly produces some awful gas!

Even different species get along..why can’t we

ImageOscar the merino cross and Dinnermintz the ginger girl meet up for a kiss.With all the craziness in the world it makes me wonder that two different species with nothing in common can feel no preconceptions about each other,can look at each other with curiosity and wonder and not feel the need to fear each other.

And we are supposed to be the intelligent species….hmmmm

Forrest in the bush

Forrest T.S.GreenToday Forrest won…Doc always holds him up from the sniffs by digging and fossicking…this time Forrest had a single minded mission..he found an ancient bone…white and lonely it was too tempting, so he promptly plonked down and set about devouring it…well this time Doc had a sniff he just had to follow,but we were stuck there…Forrest was moving for no woman or dog…he was as happy as a dog with a smelly old bone in the bush.

Listening to his jaws crushing this i was glad that he loves me…so strong and yet he’s my boo boo bear…meanwhile back at the hill my left arm was being pulled by one Fox Terrier with a rabbit and roo scent in his nostrils!…Not only was i battling a war between myself and the scent that is so strong to him ,but the fact he is a terrier…a quiet and unassuming dog (not) was not helping my cause.

Before i knew it Forrest was up,grinning like only a lab x staffy can and shook himself was all over…eating machine.

We continued our stroll/run through the bush,Doc following that rabbit scent and Forrest right by his side…

Monday make up

After a brief discussion with Doc…involving a few muttered grumbles and sniffing (me) it was decided that i should let bygones be doggones..he really is a good boy…well sort of…kinda..anyway,we made up and he has promised me (hmmm) that he won’t be a pill on a Monday morning return i will put some more flattering pictures of him up ..

Monday mischief

Monday mischief

Because Doc has been a pill this morning…and i warned him..i have decided to put this pic up….he hates it when i do something i think is cute….it is all too humiliating for a dog….sorry mate but i did warn you :)aaarrrrr

Sunday night brain burp

Why is it that before i go to bed on a sunday night my normally quite orderly and very true to form Virgoan brain gets wind.My thoughts wander and i start to think of the most obscure things,my hubby is not silly he goes to bed,on the odd occasion i go to bed early with him i tend to share these thoughts with him…poor man..poor poor man.

I mean nothing is different in what i eat or do so why Sunday night.I don’t have a pressing job to go to Monday,so no meetings on my mind or hectic travel to endure. Sometimes i think perhaps i have been in the fertilizer bag for the garden too long…

Anyway for what ever reason Sunday night seems to be a real brain burp…in fact a full on belch sometimes..loud and hard to ignore.

Tonights burp/belch involves an oldie but a goody…

Birds…after perusing some photos on blogs and in my photo files on my computer i was drawn again to the thought that birds look odd without arms…i know obscure..but when i look closely at the pictures and see them standing there upright and proud i think why no arms? Now this thought is probably as odd to you as an armless bird is to me.It’s a bit like looking at a word for such a long time you start to question if it looks right..perhaps i should just glimpse at birds.

This train of thought…like a burp comes from deep within my workings and so as with a burp i start to think perhaps it can be controlled,perhaps it is best to be not shared.

Will it be offensive? can it be offensive? i mean surely i am not the only person who finds themselves the victim of a random thought that won’t go away. I may have to start a diary of my day and see what possible theme seems to pop up during the day that could cause these episodes of brain belching..i still query use of fertilizer and my sheer unbridled enthusiasm in applying it to anything and everthing.

Anyway it is now bed time hubby has already made a swift exit…he may even have placed himself in a cone of silence…these brain burps can make me want to wake him and discuss in 200 words or less the where what why of whatever at anytime is on my mind.

But i do leave you with this thought..birds do look odd without arms..have a close look for a long time and i am sure you will agree..until my next obscure episode take care and enjoy your day/night depending on where you are …which makes me wonder ..who discovered time and what it means..i mean someone must have………..